How To Cook The Perfect Beef Burger

How To Cook The Perfect Beef Burger


  • Chuck steak 70 g
  • Short rib 30 g
  • Fresh fat 10 g
  • Onion powder 3 g
  • Garlic powder 2 g
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Cooking Instructions

  1. The perfect burger is 70/20/10% ratio. 70% - chuck steak, 20% - short rib, 10% - fresh fat.
  2. Once that’s blended, lightly season minced beef with onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper, slightly dust it with chilli flakes.
  3. Make a well in the center, egg yolk in, and blend.
  4. Once you’ve blended that, take your cutter and press the beef into shape.
  5. Put the bun into a skillet, cook until nicely colored.
  6. Lightly oil the cast iron pan, put the burger in. cook 30 sec on each side. Then, put into the oven.
  7. Eight minutes later, roll it around in those juices.
  8. Put the meat on the part of the bun, and cover this the other. Cook this recipe with a photo!

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