Egg recipes by Gordon Ramsay. You would think that they are trivial. But that is only for the first sight. Omelets, soft and hard boiled, scrambled, fried, poached and shirred. Make every morning special by cooking eggs up to your taste. Did you know that eggs are ideal food in terms of amino acid composition Human body absorbs 100% of an egg white. And protein, in turn, is an essential component of nutrition. Proteins represent the basis of the structural elements of cells and tissues. All processes of our life are associated with proteins: metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve irritability, the ability to grow and reproduce, and even the highest form of matter movement - thinking. In cooking, eggs are widely used for preparing dishes, where eggs are the main component, and as an integral part of others, appetizers, dough products, sweet dishes, etc. Egg white, in addition, is used as a binder (in dough, casserole, pancakes) and as a brightening agent (in broths). Wide use of eggs for cooking of independent dishes and fillings, in sauces, seasonings, dough, etc. due not only to high nutritional value of this product, but also to its excellent taste. There are also diet eggs, most often used in dietetic baby food. Egg dishes are great for breakfast. Some of egg recipes you can see on our site. Make your every morning special by cooking eggs to your taste. If you are time restricted and eat in cafes and restaurants, visit Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. Cook egg recipes with photos! Bon Appetite!