Vegetarian recipes by Gordon Ramsay. The term “vegetarian” appeared in 19th century in Britain. Vegetarians were considered to be those who ate food of vegetable and milk origin. Their meals didn’t contain meat. But in some vegetarian diets even milk products are excluded. Nowadays vegetarian recipes are becoming more and more popular. People refuse to eat meat products more and more often. And the reason for that are ethical, ecological, economical, medical and religious motives. There are several kinds of vegetarianism, the strictest is veganism. Choosing vegetarian cuisine, people has learnt to find and eat products, that can entirely substitute food of animal origin. These products can nutritious and well-balanced. Vegetarian diet has many advantages; one of them is health and immune system strengthening, and as a result long healthy life. Today, internet users more often look for recipes of vegetarian dishes. People look for vegetarian restaurants near their homes. Vegetarian cuisine is variable. There are lots fresh salads, light fruit desserts, dishes with fresh fruit and vegetables, cereal, vegetable soufflés, soups, baked and stewed dishes. Gordon Ramsay cooks vegetarian dishes, which brings joy to all healthy diet leaders. On this site you can find lots of interesting and useful information on vegetarian recipes. Read, cook, enjoy! Cook vegetarian recipes with photos! Bon Appetite!