Burger recipes by Gordon Ramsay. The most delicious sandwich, which is burger, was first cooked more, than a hundred years ago. Some people say, that first burger recipe appeared in Germany. Others say, it was New York. Two resourceful brothers, during the fair, treated the passers-by to a fried patty cake between two rolls. National Burger’s Day is celebrated in Britain on 27th August. Burger is one of best delicious dishes you can cook quickly and easily. Even if, you just want to have a snack, you can cook this amazing sandwich by yourself. You can cook it with your friends. You can cook burger at the weekend. Even a child can cook it. Sometimes, when you don’t have enough time to cook at home, visit any restaurant and order a burger. There are lots of fast food restaurants with a burger menu with different burger prices. And Burger King is not the only place. But, there are very few cafes, where you can have the best burger. Nowadays, you can order a tasty burger via the Internet, without going outside. You just google “best burgers near me” or “burger king near me” and you’ll see the variety of offers. There are lots of awesome burgers with different kinds of meat and vegetables: beefburgers, hamburgers, chicken burgers, turkey burgers, fish burgers, prawn burgers. In this category you’ll find burger recipes you can cook at home, without looking for burger restaurants. You may even create your own burger recipe. Follow, cook, enjoy! Cook burger recipes with photos! Bon appetite!