Watercress Soup Finished With A Poached Egg

Watercress Soup Finished With A Poached Egg


  • Watercress 100g
  • Potato slices 100g
  • Hot water 200ml
  • Butter 2-3 knobs
  • 2 eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Salt, pepper

Cooking Instructions

  1. Hot olive oil into the pot, then watercress in. Season it with salt and pepper. Sprinkle really thin slices of potato. Potato helps to thicken up soup’s texture.
  2. Pour slightly seasoned boiling water on the watercress. Then, put three or two knobs of butter in there. In two minutes, blitz the watercress for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour the soup into the bowl.
  4. Now for the poached egg. Get a whisk and gain some momentum in the boiling water. As it starts to poach the egg white wraps the egg yolk forming a mozzarella ball.
  5. It is better to crack the egg into a small tea cup. It makes easier to drop an egg into the water. The secret behind a good poached egg is taking it out of the boiling water and putting it into ice water. It stops the egg from overcooking.
  6. We put lightly seasoned poached egg into the bowl to enrich the soup.
  7. Add a touch of olive oil. Done! Cook this recipe with a photo!

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